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Mobile App Industry Will Generate $190 Billion in 2020!
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There are more than 50 lac mobile apps available on Google Play and Apple App Store today. To match the pace with the competition today, you need a smooth and bug-free mobile application that can give right user experience.

Smacon is the best mobile app development Company in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. We are reliable Android mobile app development partners who can also deliver top-notch iOS mobile apps. Smacon has a wide experience in mobile application development with a happy customer base of 150+. The Ultimate Self-Tape App and ModThread is two names from the hundreds, and the number is constantly increasing.

We focus on client’s requirements and based on the needs, we develop a plan that suits best for client and us as well. This method of planning has never failed for us and that has led us to a stage where we can safely say – We are one of the best mobile app development companies in USA & India.

We provide mobile app development development services in these four areas

iPhone App Development


Smacon is a promising iPhone mobile app development company in USA and India with more than 50+ success stories. There are 2.2 million apps active iPhone apps are available right now, one needs to understand the value of a good iPhone app for their business. There’s a certain quality requires when it comes to iPhone app, and we have never failed to hit that quality level.

Smacon a dedicated team for iPhone mobile app development, and each individual is an experienced and passionate member. Hire our iPhone Mobile App Developers to get the most stable and bug-free app for your next project.

Android App Development


Just like iPhone Mobile App Development, Smacon is an awesome choice for Android Mobile Application Development. We have successfully developed more than 55+ android mobile application for our client in a very short period of time, and that makes us one of the most trusted mobile development agencies in USA and India. Developing Android apps is one of our favorite application development services, as Android covers more than 40% of the total apps in the world.

Smacon is a trusted name for android mobile app development and we have experienced developers for Android as well. We provide a dedicated manager to our clients for their Android app development projects that coordinate with the clients and give constant feedback on the development.

iPad App Development


Just like iPhone App Development, we provide quality iPad Apps to our clients. Smacon is a trusted name for iPad app development in USA and India for the last 5 years. Our team of iPad developers in India is dedicated to making beautiful and interactive iPad apps. We have successfully developed more than 35+ iPad apps that is working flawlessly in the market right now.

Join hands with us for the best iPad apps development at an affordable cost.

Cross-Platform App Development


Cross Platform apps are a convenient way to develop mobile apps that work on multiple operating systems. Businesses have shown tremendous response to this way of developing as it save a lot of time and efforts with cost.

Smacon has a client base that represent a massive mobile app development in cross platform. We provide cross platform mobile apps on various platforms like Configure.IT, Phone Gap , HTML 5 , Adobe Air, Xamarian, etc.

Why Choose Smacon as a Mobile App Development Company?

Smacon has created more than 150+ mobile apps for various operating system successfully. With highly qualified experts for each technology, we have achieved a great success in providing finest mobile apps to out clients and their customers. Because of our constant dedication in this genre, we are one of the best mobile app development companies in USA & India.
So, Let’s discuss your requirements and start working on your next project!

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Should I develop in iOS or Android?

With roughly 1.6 billion people around the world now using a smartphone, the mobile app market has never been more exciting or lucrative, with Android and iOS dominating the smartphone operating systems.
You will have to decide exactly which type of smartphone user you want to target first if you don’t want to build both at the same time.
As they are two very different mobile platforms that require two very different types of language (Android apps are predominantly done in Java, while iOS ones are mostly done in Objective C or Swift) and native UI / UX design.
For total market penetration you eventually want to develop for both iOS and Android.

How much input do I have on the graphics and the overall presentation of the app?

Smacon offers a graphics service and works closely with clients who choose this option to determine the color scheme, graphics, and even smaller details such as app icons. We use logos and other supplied branding to ensure the app is entirely branded for your organization or company.
For clients who have an in-house graphics department or prefer to use a 3rd party, we provide a detailed requirements document outlining specific file types and dimensions for every image in the app. Either way, the overall look of the app is left to the client and a Smacon product specialist will be available throughout the entire process to provide any necessary feedback and direction.

Is there a standard cost to building a mobile app?

More than simply app developers, Smacon strives to be a complete solutions provider with pricing tailor-made to individual needs and objectives. A quick conversation will enable our team to find the best possible solution, including the functionality and platforms required, any goals to monetize the app, and other factors determining the overall scope of the project. In turn, we can provide a highly customizable plan fitting almost any budget. Contact us to speak with an Smacon representative and receive a quote fitting your exact needs.

How long will it take to build an app?

The Smacon framework enables our development team to build high-quality apps in a short time frame without sacrificing quality. From receiving the content to making the app available in the App Store and Google Play for users to download, the development timeline is a seamless process taking as little as one month. While mobile apps requiring a significant amount of content or custom programming may take additional time, a Smacon specialist will be able to present a customized timeline for your specific project to ensure expectations are met and the finished product is available when needed.

What is the benefit of a mobile app over a mobile website?

Smacon provides both mobile apps and mobile websites as a complete mobile app solutions provider. While a mobile website is important to ensure all attendees have access regardless of device, our focus on native apps for iPhone, i Pads, and Android devices is a reflection of the significant benefits a mobile app offers over its mobile website counterpart. Mobile apps are more reliable and engaging, with the ability to access content offline and take advantage of features unavailable on a mobile website.